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to hell with "cute" greetings

It all started at a bar. Not sure which bar, but it had to have been a bar. There was probably a group of women, cackling together and celebrating one of their “besties” birthdays. They present her with a tiara and a sash, they tie balloons to her chair and they present her with beautiful gifts of wine and cheesy cocktail napkins. They also give her greeting cards. Cards that were meticulously picked just for her. Here’s how one of my birthday celebrations goes with my flock. We meet up at a bar. Make a lot of noise, call each other by our pet names. You know the ones, Hooker, Slut, Bitch, Asshole, etc... The really sentimental pet names that touch your heart. My flock is fucked up and amazing!

In order to properly celebrate my amazing group of friends, I decided to create a line of greeting cards that appropriately showcase my true feelings to them. Welcome to Best Wishes Bitch. Fuck with your flock the way I am choosing to fuck with mine.



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